About AV Crimestoppers


Crime Stoppers is a program that empowers regular people to fight back against crime. Anyone can submit an anonymous tip by using our tips line, and if that tip leads to an arrest the individual will receive a reward for their efforts.

Crime Stoppers operates in over 20 countries worldwide and since the very first program started in 1976, we have become the number one community based crime solving organization in the world.

Crime Stoppers operates an anonymous Tips Line,

1-800-222-TIPS [ 8477]

Around the clock to take information on any unsolved crime. Those who NEED to be anonymous, for whatever reason, can give the crime solving information without fear of reprisal from the criminals and without having to testify in court.

We also offer cash rewards up to $2,000.00 for information that leads to an arrest and charge, or seizure of drugs or property. Rewards are paid anonymously in cash.

Crime Stoppers takes a proactive stance in fighting back against crime in our community by initiating programs like Mug Shots to catch wanted persons.

Crime Stoppers is a Non Profit Society operated by a volunteer Board of Directors, responsible for operations policy, standards, fund raising, promotion and education. The Board of Directors numbers a maximum of 20.

Volunteers also play an integral role in Crime Stoppers, sitting on committees, helping with projects, attending events, helping sell items or tickets, working on special events and providing person power or expertise.

If you wish to be a part of the Port Alberni Crimestoppers Board contact: Cpl. Amelia HAYDEN (250) 723 -2424 . All board members must go through a security check.


Who Benefits ?

The Community - Citizens become more involved in policing their community and make a strong contribution in solving crime.

The Police - Increasing crime makes the need for innovative and effective programs which generate information on criminal activity a necessity.

The Media - Better police/media/community relations will result.


The mission of Crime Stoppers is:

"To create a safer, more secure community."


Current Statistics