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Date of Crime

- May 19, 2020


The Alberni Valley and Bamfield

Crime Stoppers needs your help in solving the following crimes:
Once again, the police are reminding owners of motor vehicles in the Alberni Valley to secure their vehicles and to remove all belongings, especially valuables.
Between May 3rd and May 19th, the Port Alberni RCMP have received 15 reports of thefts from vehicles. These calls come from all areas of the city and include a call from Bamfield and one from Sproat Lake as well.
Most cases of theft from a vehicle are occurring in the overnight hours and are often from unlocked vehicles. In most instances, vehicle operators have left belongings and valuables in the vehicle, some in plain sight and others in a closed console. Several purses, wallets and pieces of identification were left in the vehicles and were subsequently stolen by thieves. Some thieves are then using the stolen credit or bank cards for personal gain. Your identification, including credit cards, needs to be protected at all times to minimize your risk of also becoming a victim of identity theft.
In other cases, hundreds of dollars’ worth of property in backpacks, duffle type bags and other gear were stolen. The thieves are so desperate to steal anything that can get them some money, that one vehicle was broken into for a plastic bag containing some empty beer cans. The damage done to the vehicle far outweighs the value of the stolen items. The answer, leave nothing in plain sight and no valuables of any kind in your vehicle. Take away the opportunity!
As a deterrent for would be thieves, the Port Alberni RCMP now have "All Valuables Removed" window stickers available for pick up. They are bright and clearly state there is nothing of value in the vehicle. They stick on the inside of the glass window above the door handle. The key piece to this strategy is to actually have removed all valuables and belongings and to leave the vehicle secured.

Anyone with information on this, or any other crime, is asked to contact the Port Alberni RCMP at 250-723-2424 or Alberni Valley Crime Stoppers at:
• by phone: 1-800-222-8477(TIPS)
• online: