File # 2019-12-23

Date of Crime

- December 23, 2019



Don’t let the Grinch or thieves spoil your Christmas!
Now that Christmas is over and you have your new TVs, games and sports equipment, electronics, and tools, don’t advertise your Christmas haul to others. Be sure to recycle all those now empty boxes and packaging materials by bringing them to the recycling centre, don’t leave them out at the curb!
Leaving them at the curb simply broadcasts to all those who pass by what new items you have. You could be contributing to someone else’s shopping list. So remember to break down those boxes and packaging materials and recycle them at the recycling depot. Or break them down small enough that they can be buried within your mixed recycling.
Some other simple crime prevention tips can go a long way in protecting your property. Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows of your home and vehicle and keep valuables out of sight. Use outside lighting to keep dark areas around your home well lit. And be sure to also engrave or mark your items with your BC driver’s licence number for easy identification. Engraving tools are available for loan at the Port Alberni RCMP Detachment.
No one needs to know what you have!