Date of Crime

- August 20, 2017


Businesses in Port Alberni

Counterfeit US currency being passed around town

Over the last couple of days, some counterfeit US currency has been used to pay for items at a few businesses in Port Alberni.
In the afternoon of August 19th, a man and woman entered a clothing store and purchased several items using the counterfeit US $100 bills. In the early morning hours of August 20th, a man passed a counterfeit US $100 bill at a local gas station.
Port Alberni RCMP have received reports from other stores where someone tried to pass the counterfeit money. However, the stores had advised the suspects that they do not accept US currency and thus the suspects were not able to pass the bills at those locations.
Business operators are reminded to check any paper currency that they are receiving as payment to ensure that it is legitimate. The counterfeit currency currently being passed is US $100 bills and they have pink Chinese characters on them, which ironically translates to “this is not currency”. Do not accept any currency with these markings on them. Retailers are reminded that they have the right to refuse any suspicious looking currency and are encouraged to speak to their staff to keep them informed. Unfortunately, this scam is not unique to Port Alberni rather it’s an ongoing scam across the continent. If you have received counterfeit currency, please report the incident to the police.